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Hon. Christopher S. Ciaccio



Welcome Voters of the Seventh Judicial District,

Monroe County Judge Christopher Ciaccio is currently running to become your next Monroe County Surrogate Court Judge. The Primary Election Day is Tuesday, June 23, 2020 and the General Election Day is Tuesday Nov. 3, 2020.



Also known as Probate Court, the Surrogate Court, the Surrogate Judge is responsible for protecting the estates of people who have died, and especially of those estates of persons who died without a will.


The Surrogate Court Judge makes sure that assets are distributed as quickly as possible to the deceased’s family members or to the persons named in a Will.

A Surrogate Court Judge can approve or even disapprove all attorney fee and expense requests, taking out of the probate process the fear that assets will be dissipated.  




Judge Ciaccio was a lawyer in private practice for 28 years, and took cases advocating for seniors to protect them against predatory insurance companies. He fought to secure health benefits for client family members who had become disabled.

His father, the Hon. Arnold F. Ciaccio (Ret.), was also a Surrogate Court Judge from 1982 -1999. He was widely recognized for his integrity and fairness. Father and son practiced law together for many years, specializing in wills, trusts and estates.  

Elected in 2013, Judge Christopher Ciaccio has served as a Monroe County Court Judge, Acting Supreme Court and now Acting Surrogate Court Judge.




Judge Ciaccio, like his father, has earned a reputation for integrity, hard work, and fairness.

In 2018 the Greater Rochester Women’s Bar Association gave him its highest rating – "Exceptionally Well-Qualified", finding that he "is among the very best qualified judges or lawyers… for service,” and has consistently shown in his decisions “wisdom, intellect, insight and impartiality.”  


And, also in 2018 Judge Ciaccio received the Judicial Excellence Award from the Daily Record, the local legal and business newspaper.


The Surrogate Judge is often called upon to settle disputes between family members.  As an Acting Supreme Court justice, Judge Ciaccio has mediated and settled dozens of cases, often by speaking directly with parties and their family members to work out a fair resolution of differences.




“Judge, you were so compassionate and insightful in speaking to my 85 year old mother about her case, she  - and of course I and my siblings - will be forever grateful for resolving the case in a way that all parties were happy with.”


“Judge, you were able to get both sides to agree to a fair resolution with the skill of a born salesman – if you ever would like to switch careers, let me know.”


“Judge, you were so fair to both sides in the case, it helped us heal as a family, and we were able to accept your decision with understanding and reconciliation.”




The coming years will see the greatest transfer of wealth in history, as the “Baby Boom” generation transfers its legacy to its heirs.

The Surrogate Court will play a vital role in that transfer.

I recognize the importance of families being able to pass on their hard-earned financial assets to their loved ones.

I will do everything in my power to see that assets are transferred as quickly as possible, and that they are not consumed by excessive fees and expenses.

I will make the surrogate court process as transparent as possible, be available for questions and concerns at all times, and educate the public each and every day on their rights in Surrogate Court and their rights as New Yorker's.



Warmest Regards, 


Christopher S. Ciaccio

Judge Christopher Ciaccio for Surrogate Court Judge

10 Oatsfield Circle, Penfield, NY 14526


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